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Hechel Lena Oyate Kin Nipi Kte

(That The People May Live)

10% of our net profits go directly to One Spirit, a volunteer international group that helps the Ogalala Lakota tribe of  Pine Ridge Reservation achieve happier, healthier, self-sufficient, and independent lives through its support, advocacy and programming.

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Where do you Source foraged items?

Most of our wild ingredients come directly from our nine-acre forested property. Occasional items are sourced in small amounts from surrounding wilderness. We harvest just enough each season to make do and leave behind plenty for a healthy habitat and return growth.

Where do you source non-native ingredients?

Our cultivated herbs come directly from our modest half-acre garden.

Are you certified organic?

We hold no value in agency-regulated organic certification systems that are rife with red tape and corruption. We choose instead to practice traditional gardening methods. Soil supplementation come from our onsite compost, fortified by additional NCBSO (non certified but seriously organic) compost from a neighboring farm that understands the importance of natural cycles and soil health.

What about pest control?

Sometimes we think humans are the real pests and we are simply guests on an endless episode of National Geographic. We use no chemical herbicides or pesticides that could harm you, us, our pets or loved ones, or the abundant wildlife that shares its forested home with us.

What is your shipping and return policy?

We ship items at no cost to you if you live within the continental United States. If you live in AK or HI, please contact us about shipping rates. More detailed shipping information can be found here. Our refund, return and exchange policy can be found here.

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